ULV Max-5

ULV Max-5

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Hand-held ULV Max-5 Sprayer and Disinfector 220V, with its 2200W power, has 2 times more power and more air flow compared to the standard 1000W products in the market, and it can spray in smaller micron sizes. As an optional feature, the ulv cap can be adjusted manually up and down, and it impresses with its striking color.

Duru ULV disinfection machine is preferred for cafes, restaurants, hospitals, health institutions, government offices, warehouses, livestock farms, heavy farms, poultry farms, hotels, sewage applications. Our products are produced according to the criteria of the World Health Organization. We have all documents and certificates that comply with the standards. The Electric ULV Machine, which we manufacture, is used for disinfection and sterilization purposes in the fight against covid-19, corana, delta variant virus, which is on the agenda of the world. In addition, it has an insecticide fogging feature and is used to combat infectious diseases for adult pests and insects such as mosquitoes and houseflies. Duru HD-5 model can spray 09 um 49 um diameter. Since it has a very small micron diameter, it provides superior success in disinfection application. Because the sprayed particles have the highest hang time in the air and the highest probability of contacting the virus and destroying it.
Our devices are used in the fight against viruses all over the world. Electric ULV machine dur max-5 model is a very preferred model because it is economical. It has been 99.999% successful in tests abroad and users all over the world have preferred the dur max-5 ulv device and were satisfied. The virus created an uncontrollable situation worldwide with its spread in China at first, but then it became a great success and a source of pride for our country by showing its effect around the world with the help of our dur hd-5 ulv fogger devices.
The superior feature of the Duru max-5 ulv disinfection device;

Our disinfection device, dur max-5 ulv model, divides the liquid into very small pieces with cold fogging technique and you can use it as you want by manually directing it. Duru max -5 ulv device sprays a 5 liter disinfection liquid with “” particles with a particle diameter of 20 µm. Since the sprayed disinfectants are of very small micron diameter and the suspended time in the air increases the possibility of the liquids used to destroy the virus, they are more likely to destroy the virus compared to the devices that spray with a large micron diameter and are more reliable.
ULV Machine does not emit carbon dioxide like gasoline engines thanks to its solid max-5 electric motor and is very useful for indoor applications. Since it is water-based, it can be used for all disinfections. It can disinfect and sterilize 400m2 area in 1 minute.
Working principle of Duru max-5 ulv disinfection device;
The portable ULV fogger machine sprays the disinfection liquid in 20µm size by breaking it into very small pieces with the crushing power of the air thanks to its high air flow rate. The micron diameter of the sprayed particles is between 20-50 µm and the sprayed particles can reach everywhere by drifting and remaining suspended in the air.
Usage areas:
Disinfectant liquid is used as a disinfectant fogger to fight against infectious diseases and against Covid 19 virus and delta varnish. In the field of public health, government agencies such as the Ministry of Health are used to prevent the spread of diseases such as covid, covid-19, delta virus.
Information about the disinfection device;
Micron diameter:
Micron diameter means the size of 1 particle. Expressed in “µm” 1mm is equal to 1000 microns. A human hair is 100µm thick, the dur max-5 ulv disinfection device can fog 20µm~50µm. Micron diameter can be changed with disinfection fluid consumption.

Micron Dimensions:
Cold Foggers = 0-30µm
ULV spraying = 30-50µm
Mist Spraying = 50-100µm
Garden Sprayer = 100-200µm 

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