ENTOSİS – 50 U.L.V. for 5 acres

ENTOSİS – 50 U.L.V. for 5 acres

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* Saves labor and time.

* Does not harm groundwater due to saving spray liquid.

* Humidity caused by spraying in greenhouses is reduced by 90%.

* Spraying can be done in the greenhouse even in rainy weather.

* Since the spray liquid is very well attached to the plant, it sprays effectively.

* Spraying done in 7-10 days is increased to 10-15 days.

* Spray liquid droplet diameter (micron) can be adjusted at the desired rate.

* U.L.V. The device provides high efficacy in pesticides against pests in greenhouse vegetable cultivation. However; The effective dose must be determined for each parasite

** All types of drugs in powder and liquid form dissolved in water are rejected.

** When applied without water, it can be used for pollination (pollination) purposes.

** Because the spray liquid can easily reach between the plants and under the leaves, it can make a complete coating.

** Offers all the advantages of domestic machine production.

** Under our warranty against manufacturing defects for 2 years.

** There is a 15-year parts warranty. (but for a fee)

*** Protective measures must be taken when spraying.

It puts an end to the tuta, the tetranycho, the aphid and all insects!!

Why should we spray with DURU U.L.V?

You save medicine, labor and time.

You can apply pesticides even in adverse weather conditions without entering the greenhouse.

ENGINE2200w X 2 4.400W 220V AC,
Pharmaceutical Tank Capacity50 Liters
Drug Output Flow0-49 l/h
Drug Drop Diameter       0-49 microns

E-70 B-100 Y-170

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