SERA ULTRA 20 for 6 acres

SERA ULTRA 20 for 6 acres

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The Advantages of Our Farmer-Friendly Duru ULV Devices 

* It saves medicine, labor and time.

* It does not harm groundwater due to drug saving.

* The humidity caused by spraying in greenhouses is reduced by 90%.

* Spraying can be done in the greenhouse even in rainy weather.

* Since the drug is very well attached to the plant, it makes effective spraying.

* Spraying done in 7-10 days increases to 10-15 days.

* Medicine drop diameter (micron) can be adjusted at the desired rate.

* With the ULV Device, drugs can be delivered on time, in appropriate amounts and only to the target.

* ULV Device provides high effectiveness in pesticides against pests in greenhouse vegetable cultivation. However; The effective dose must be determined for each pest.

** All kinds of powder and liquid medicines dissolved in water are discarded.

** When applied without water, it can be used for polarization (pollination) purposes.

** Since the drug can easily reach between the plants and under the leaves, it can make a complete coating.

** The device pays for itself in a single period.

** It offers all the advantages of domestic machine production.

** Under our warranty against factory defects for 2 years.

** There is a spare part warranty of 15 years. (but with a fee)

*** Protective measures must be taken while spraying.

Right Medicine Right Time Right Machine 

Stop Tuta, Red Spider, Aphid and All Insects!!

Spray your greenhouse with the fogging method

Don't let your medicines flow to the ground..

 Spraying without entering the greenhouse

The Way to Get Rid of Pests and Diseases DURU Entosis ULV ; forward

SERA ULV spraying device DURU ENTOSIS is the latest technology spraying device of the new generation. It is known by everyone that working for hours in spraying with primitive methods causes very important critical diseases (cancer, coma, asthma). During spraying with DURU SERA ULV, you will get rid of time and labor costs by adjusting the start and stop times according to the situation of your own greenhouse before entering the greenhouse. Moreover, the most important thing for your health, you will prevent the contact of your skin and lungs with the drug through inhalation. 

Spray the Entire Greenhouse, Not Just the Plants!!

While our farmer brothers who spray with equivalent spraying machines of ULV can only spray the plant, our farmer brothers who spray with the latest technological device of the new generation Duru entosis ULV sprayers can homogeneously spray the entire area from the bottom of the greenhouse to the ceiling of the greenhouse with micron particles and ideal drop diameter. In the experiments, it was observed that all pests such as aphids, thrips, whitefly larvae, stink bugs, leaf gallery flies on the target were destroyed with the ideal pesticides used. 

Why Should We Spray With DURU ULV?

You save medicine, labor and time.

If you do not wet your soil with medicated water, you will not increase the humidity. You reduce humidity up to 90%.

You will not harm groundwater due to drug saving.

You can apply pesticides even in unfavorable weather conditions without entering the greenhouse.

Since the drug can hold on to the plant very well, you will ensure effective spraying and success.

It increases the spraying you do (in 7-10 days) to 10-15 days.

With the ULV Device, drugs reach the target on time, in appropriate amounts and only.

All kinds of water-soluble powder and liquid drugs can be used. ( sc, ec, insecticide, fungicide )

Since the drug can easily reach between the plants and under the leaves, it can make a complete coating.

ENGINE1400W X 2: 2 800W
Pharmaceutical Tank Capacity48 Liters
Drug Output Flow0-49 l/h
Drug Drop Diameter0-49 microns
Solution                   sc ,ec,wp

E-84 B-110 Y-150

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