Cifo Aquastick Hydrating Water Gel 0.35lt

Cifo Aquastick Hydrating Water Gel 0.35lt

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Application period: All year round. Ideal for: All plants.

• Practical and convenient alternative to watering potted plants.

• Extremely clean based on water that is gradually released into the soil and remains available for approximately 30 days.

• Maintains plants, avoiding the need for frequent watering and is ideal for the holiday season.

General dose: It is used all year round, especially in the summer when there is no possibility of watering the plants for a long time and in the winter when the plants are located in places with high heating. We place 1 aquastick at a depth of 2-3 cm, for pots with a diameter of up to 20 cm.

Form: Ready-to-use liquid.

Packaging: 350 g

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